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[推荐]Orange Hexagon Cap Head Screws

Orange Hexagon Cap Head Screws

Product Price:面议/电议

Product Material:PA

Product Color:Orange

Product Features:good insulation,non magnatic property, no rust, c

Product Explain:specification, material and color can be customize

ProductSite:Hexagon Cap Head Scr

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Product Coding  A H
M2 3.8-4.0 1.3-1.4
M3 5.3-5.5 1.8-2.0
M4 6.78-7.0 2.6-2.8
M5 7.78-8.0 3.4-3.6
M6 9.78-10.0 3.9-4.1
M8 12.73-13.00 5.15-5.45
M10 15.73-16.00 6.3-6.5
M12 17.73-18.00 7.8-8.0
M14 20.67-21.00 8.51-8.8
M16 23.67-24.00 9.82-10.0
M18 26.67-27.00 11.15-11.5
M20 29.67-30.00 12.28-12.5

Product coding  specifications
Product coding    specifications
B0010J020040005 M2 ×0.4× 5mm B0010J120175025 M12×1.75×25mm
B0010J020040006 M2 ×0.4× 6mm B0010J120175030 M12×1.75×30mm
B0010J020040008 M2 ×0.4× 8mm B0010J120175035 M12×1.75×35mm
B0010J020040010 M2 ×0.4×10mm B0010J120175040 M12×1.75×40mm
B0010J020040012 M2 ×0.4×12mm B0010J120175050 M12×1.75×50mm
B0010J020040016 M2 ×0.4×16mm B0010J120175060 M12×1.75×60mm
B0010J020040020 M2 ×0.4×20mm B0010J120175065 M12×1.75×65mm
B0010J120175070 M12×1.75×70mm
B0010J030050005 M3 ×0.5× 5mm B0010J120175080 M12×1.75×80mm
B0010J030050006 M3 ×0.5× 6mm B0010J120175090 M12×1.75×90mm
B0010J030050008 M3 ×0.5× 8mm B0010J120175100 M12×1.75×100mm
B0010J030050010 M3 ×0.5×10mm
B0010J030050012 M3 ×0.5×12mm B0010J140200060 M14×2.00×60mm
B0010J030050016 M3 ×0.5×16mm B0010J140200065 M14×2.00×65mm
B0010J030050020 M3 ×0.5×20mm B0010J140200070 M14×2.00×70mm
B0010J030050025 M3 ×0.5×25mm B0010J140200075 M14×2.00×75mm
B0010J14020080 M14×2.00×80mm
B0010J040070006 M4 ×0.7× 6mm B0010J140200090 M14×2.00×90mm
B0010J040070008 M4 ×0.7× 8mm B0010J140200100 M14×2.00×100mm
B0010J040070010 M4 ×0.7×10mm B0010J140200120 M14×2.00×120mm
B0010J040070012 M4 ×0.7×12mm B0010J140200150 M14×2.00×150mm
B0010J040070016 M4 ×0.7×16mm
B0010J040070020 M4 ×0.7×20mm B0010J160200065 M16×2.00×65mm
B0010J040070025 M4 ×0.7×25mm B0010J160200070 M16×2.00×70mm
B0010J040070030 M4 ×0.7×30mm B0010J160200080 M16×2.00×80mm
B0010J040070035 M4 ×0.7×35mm B0010J160200090 M16×2.00×90mm
B0010J040070040 M4 ×0.7×40mm B0010J160200100 M16×2.00×100mm
B0010J160200110 M16×2.00×110mm
B0010J050080006 M5 ×0.8× 6mm B0010J160200120 M16×2.00×120mm
B0010J050080008 M5 ×0.8× 8mm B0010J160200130 M16×2.00×130mm
B0010J050080010 M5 ×0.8×10mm B0010J160200140 M16×2.00×140mm
B0010J050080012 M5 ×0.8×12mm B0010J160200150 M16×2.00×150mm
B0010J050080016 M5 ×0.8×16mm
B0010J050080020 M5 ×0.8×20mm B0010J180250040 M18×2.50×40mm
B0010J050080025 M5 ×0.8×25mm B0010J180250050 M18×2.50×50mm
B0010J050080030 M5 ×0.8×30mm B0010J180250060 M18×2.50×60mm
B0010J050080040 M5 ×0.8×40mm B0010J180250070 M18×2.50×70mm
B0010J180250080 M18×2.50×80mm
B0010J060100008 M6 ×1.0× 8mm B0010J180250090 M18×2.50×90mm
B0010J060100010 M6 ×1.0× 10mm B0010J180250100 M18×2.50×100mm
B0010J060100012 M6 ×1.0× 12mm B0010J180250110 M18×2.50×110mm
B0010J060100016 M6 ×1.0× 16mm B0010J180250120 M18×2.50×120mm
B0010J060100020 M6 ×1.0× 20mm B0010J180250130 M18×2.50×130mm
B0010J060100025 M6 ×1.0× 25mm B0010J180250140 M18×2.50×140mm
B0010J060100030 M6 ×1.0× 30mm B0010J180250150 M18×2.50×150mm
B0010J060100035 M6 ×1.0× 35mm B0010J180250160 M18×2.50×160mm
B0010J060100040 M6 ×1.0× 40mm B0010J180250170 M18×2.50×170mm
B0010J060100045 M6 ×1.0× 45mm B0010J180250180 M18×2.50×180mm
B0010J060100050 M6 ×1.0×50mm B0010J180250190 M18×2.50×190mm
B0010J060100060 M6×1.0×60mm B0010J180250200 M18×2.50×200mm
B0010J060100070 M6 ×1.0×70mm
B0010J200250040  M20×2.50×40mm
B0010J080125010 M8×1.25×10mm B0010J200250050  M20×2.50×50mm
B0010J080125016 M8×1.25×16mm B0010J200250060  M20×2.50×60mm
B0010J080125020 M8×1.25×20mm B0010J200250070  M20×2.50×70mm
B0010J080125025 M8×1.25×25mm B0010J200250080  M20×2.50×80mm
B0010J080125030 M8×1.25×30mm B0010J200250090  M20×2.50×90mm
B0010J080125035 M8×1.25×35mm B0010J200250100  M20×2.50×100mm
B0010J080125040 M8×1.25×40mm B0010J200250110  M20×2.50×110mm
B0010J080125050 M8×1.25×50mm B0010J200250120  M20×2.50×120mm
B0010J080125060 M8 ×1.25×60mm B0010J200250130  M20×2.50×130mm
B0010J080125070 M8 ×1.25×70mm B0010J200250140  M20×2.50×140mm
B0010J080125075 M8 ×1.25×75mm B0010J200250150  M20×2.50×150mm
B0010J080125080 M8 ×1.25×80mm B0010J200250160  M20×2.50×160mm
B0010J080125085 M8 ×1.25×85mm B0010J200250170  M20×2.50×170mm
B0010J080125090 M8 ×1.25×90mm B0010J200250180  M20×2.50×180mm
B0010J080125055 M8 ×1.25×95mm B0010J200250190  M20×2.50×190mm
B0010J080125100 M8×1.25×100mm B0010J200250200  M20×2.50×200mm
B0010J100150020 M10×1.5 ×20mm
B0010J100150025 M10×1.5 ×25mm
B0010J100150030 M10×1.5 ×30mm
B0010J100150035 M10×1.5 ×35mm
B0010J100150040 M10×1.5 ×40mm
B0010J100150050 M10×1.5 ×50mm
B0010J100150060 M10×1.5 ×60mm
B0010J100150065 M10×1.5 ×65mm
B0010J100150070 M10×1.5 ×70mm
B0010J100150075 M10×1.5 ×75mm
B0010J100150080 M10×1.5 ×80mm
B0010J100150085 M10×1.5 ×85mm
B0010J100150090 M10×1.5 ×90mm
B0010J100150095 M10×1.5 ×95mm
B0010J100150100 M10×1.5 ×100mm












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